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Policy Writing

From our work in schools in recent years we are often asked for guidance on what 'should' be in policies in schools. Obviously each school will have it's own particular needs and requirements and therefore to provide a policy and issue it to schools would be irresponsible as one size certainy does not fit all in this case.

We have however decided that it would be useful to provide schools with a list of model policy ideas which can be adapted into schools and colleges to be fit for purpose. We hope that these might be useful for schools in their work to maintain and/or improve provision within their setting in the various aspects of school life covered by each of the policies.

If you are still struggling to write your policy, try emailing and someone will get back to you to discuss the particular needs of your setting. Good luck and hope you find these useful.

  • A generic 'model policy' with prompt questions to guide you through what you may like to consider in each section
  • Guidance and support in writing an Anti-Bullying policy
  • To support the Anti-bullying document above there is some guidance put together by Womankind Worldwide to consider when writing policies, concerning sexual bullying at school
  • Guidance and support in writing a Physical Activity policy
  • Guidance and support in writing an SRE policy
  • Example Mental Health Policy
  • Example Mental Health and Well-being Policy


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