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CAMHS Practitioner Advice Line
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Guidance for professionals in Gloucestershire working with young people with mental health or emotional wellbeing concerns

Mentally Healthy Schools

Good mental health and wellbeing helps children and young people:

  • develop
  • attend school
  • engage in learning
  • fulfil their potential

Schools and colleges contribute to wellbeing by providing:

  • a safe, calm and supportive learning environment
  • early targeted support for pupils and learners who need help

Embedding an evidence-based, holistic, whole school or college approach helps achieve this.

To explore what a mentally healthy school looks like please click on the below website pages:

Animations for Educators

In partnership with the University of Edinburgh, Charlie Waller have created a series of short animations to help personal tutors support students’ mental health. The four short videos – each under a minute long – offer practical pointers on how academics can make a positive difference to students’ mental wellbeing. They feature tips on keeping calm when talking to a student who is struggling, being prepared with simple and useful responses, and taking care of your own wellbeing whilst supporting students. They can be used either by individual members of staff, or as part of a training session.

The animations were produced thanks to a generous donation from the family of a former University of Edinburgh student who took his own life some time after leaving the university. The family wanted to both support academics and to provide a lasting, practical tribute in the wake of their loss.

Clare Stafford, Chief Executive of the Charlie Waller Trust, said:"Personal tutors and other academics often find themselves in the front line when talking to students who are struggling. These four short punchy animations are a quick way for academics to gain some practical tips on how to respond to, and support their students, as well as looking after their own wellbeing. The videos could also form part of wider mental health training in university settings."

View the animations




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