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Alcohol Education Trust (AET)


The Alcohol Education Trust's vision is for young people to enter adulthood having a responsible understanding of alcohol and its short and long term effects. The charity works with children of all abilities and backgrounds before they begin drinking, helps them build resilience skills, supports them in knowing how to avoid and resist risky situations, and advises on how to look after themselves and each other in a variety of settings. Read more…

Over the last decade, the AET has supported over 1000 schools, youth and sports clubs and ½ million children EACH year with its training, resources and regionally based experts free of charge – at a cost of under 50p per child.

AET resources available free of charge now!

A reminder about our range of evidence-based resources available now to download  or as hard copies free of charge. To order your resources, please email 

We are pleased to be able to offer the following resources free of charge:



  • Talk About Alcohol Teacher Workbook Talk About Alcohol is based around 6 key lessons to be delivered in Years 8 and 9 by topic. The resource includes additional lesson plans, games and activities organised by topic and year group. With PowerPoints embedded into the teacher guidance, it can be downloaded via Download Teacher Workbook - Alcohol Education Trust For ease of planning and for referral a printed copy can be ordered from
  • ‘Talking to Kids’ parent guide including helpful advice and information on topic including units, guidelines, the effects of alcohol and the law. ParentGuide.pdf ( We also host parent and carer talks both virtually and in school.





Young Adults

The Alcohol Education Trust are very excited to announce the launch of our brand new website for 16-25 year olds: . The site includes helpful advice and information on a wide range of topics including alcohol, drugs, mental health, vaping and gaming/gambling.



Many parents feel lost and confused when talking to their children about alcohol. How can you help them deal with peer pressure and stay safe? What UK laws exist relating to young people and alcohol. View the Parent Area



Make PSHE and science lessons on alcohol informative and engaging. We provide evaluated, evidence based, imaginative teachers’ newsletter and adaptable resources, films, worksheets and lesson plans for KS3-5. View the Teacher Area 

Click here to download the Alcohol & Cannabis implementation guide 


Drink Spiking Resources for Educators

Download this drink spiking fact sheet for information on what drink spiking is, how to prevent it, the symptoms of drink spiking, how to respond if a drink has been spiked, and the consequences of spiking another person's drink.  

Additional information for teachers can be found here.  

Have a look below to see the resources on offer and access the order form via Spiking Resources Order Form which should be emailed to when complete. 


Ready Prepared Lessons for Pupils with SEND

We are thrilled to have fully updated our SEN resources into 4 PowerPoint lesson plans and guidance using emojis, pictures and stories. You can download these resources here. Although expertly designed for children with moderate learning needs, you may choose to use these lessons for the whole class. The topics cover feelings and emotions, consent as well as foundation learning. The lessons can work independently or be used in conjunction with our activity boxes which are full of resources. Thanks to wonderful grant funding we are able to support schools and alternative settings with a high number of SEN children with these lessons and resources free of charge.

Although fully piloted, we are also looking for schools to volunteer to give detailed feedback and evaluation. To find out more, or to order an accompanying activity box, please email


Talk About Alcohol

This link takes you to four short films (7 mins each) of young people talking about their experiences with alcohol. Students then have the opportunity to rate alternative outcomes for each experience and think about what they would have done differently. 

Information booklets for both students (year 10+) and parents/ carers

Student booklet

Parent / Carer booklet


Resources Available to Order

Alcohol Education Trust are able to offer the following resources free of charge to most schools and some organisations:

    • Teacher Workbook (100 pages of lesson plans, games and activities organized by top and year group);

    • ‘Alcohol and You’ guide for young people including top tips and advice on staying safe around alcohol;

    • ‘Talking to Kids’ parent guide including helpful advice and information on tops including units, guidelines, the effects of alcohol and the law;

    • Activity box including laminated activity cards and the BAFTA winning ‘Just a few drinks’ films. Thanks to grant funding, this is free of charge for those working with children who are looked after or have additional learning needs;

    • Six fully planned lessons including accompanying PowerPoints for KS3. These lessons help ensure high-quality, effective alcohol education lessons with minimal planning requirements;

    • Four fully planned lessons including PowerPoints especially designed for pupils with SEN Picture and story led activities;

    • Lessons, resources and an assembly for age 16+ looking at cannabis and alcohol;

    • is a pupil-facing online learning zone including fun and engaging activities and games such as online nightclub. The site allows pupils to learn to make safe choices around alcohol in a very pupil-friendly way.


To order paper copies of any of the above resources or to arrange a teacher training/ parent talk, please contact  

Talk about alcohol - Teacher workbook and lesson plans



Safer Choices – Film and Poster Competition Winners

We would really like to thank the young people, schools and organisations that sent in such wonderful entries to our competition asking 15-19 year olds to produce a poster or film on alcohol awareness topics and how to stay safe around alcohol. Choosing the overall winners and runners-up was very difficult.

View the two winning films:

1 -  Remember

2 -  Prince's Trust


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