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Guidance for professionals in Gloucestershire working with young people with mental health or emotional wellbeing concerns

Yoga Resources



Resources to help you use breath, movement and relaxation in the classroom.

GHLL, in partnership with Active Gloucestershire and Shift, bring you a series of videos to guide teachers and pupils through breathing, movement and relaxation techniques to support their emotional and physical health and wellbeing.

The practise of yoga helps young people to become aware of their breath, bodies and minds, noticing sensations and learning to mindfully watch thoughts as they come and go, and how to alter their breath to control their nervous system. This has a powerful effect as it separates the young person from being actively involved in their thoughts to being able to choose which thoughts and feelings they want to act on. 


Practising yoga regularly helps to increase confidence, self-esteem and gives young people a toolkit to which they can self-regulate and navigate through life’s ups and downs with a stronger foundation for building resilience. 


Follow links to our videos which can be used in a variety of ways to add these techniques into the classroom as either a full yoga session or in small bitesize chunks to help a class better focus, shift energy or create a sense of calm. 


Links to key research with links to the supporting articles:


Robin Watkins-DavisRobin Watkins-Davis is a yoga teacher supporting young people to use yoga techniques of breath, movement and relaxation to better support their wellbeing.

Having practised and taught yoga throughout her teen years Robin witnessed and experienced first-hand the transformational effect yoga has in shifting a person’s mindset so that they can be more positive, motivated and creative in their thinking.

In 2015 aged 16 Robin started her journey to become one of UK’s youngest yoga teachers, learning her craft and using her practice as a way to support her mental health through her school exams. Since then Robin has supported the charity Teen Yoga Foundation as a youth patron alongside setting up her own thriving practice which she took online through lockdown. In 2019 Robin started work on an ambitious project to bring yoga into schools as part of a wellbeing ambassadors programme which was piloted in Bournside, the learning from this project now underpins the work with GHLL to create a platform for yoga in schools

Robin believes that “In a school setting yoga is both energising and relaxing so helps improve mental clarity, focus and motivation, helping to keep the mind healthy when it is put under pressure such as in exams”

Robin developed these resources based on using the same techniques she used as a student and has been working with young people through lockdown to support better wellbeing through breath and movement.

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