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New resources: Primary, Secondary & Special Needs


Safer Schools education team has produced a brand new set of resources for school and home learning.

We’ve included important information on how children and young people can identify and reach out to Trusted Adults – the people who they can turn to in times of worry, stress or crisis.

Resources include posters, brand new lesson plans and PowerPoint presentations.

Each set of resources are tailored to either primary or secondary children, so you can help engage the children in your care with the issues that matter most.

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Who Are Your Trusted Adults? Makaton Version

To make our videos more accessible to children and young people with special educational needs, we’re incorporating Makaton, a special language programme that uses signs, symbols and speech to communicate. Check out the video to find out more about who children and young people can trust when they need help most.


 Who Are Your Trusted Adults? Primary Version

This lesson is designed to teach children what a Trusted Adult is and who they can turn to if they’re worried or concerned. It discusses the concept of trust and how children can identify trustworthy people in their lives, and gives examples of trusted adults, charities and organisations children could turn to.


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Who Are Your Trusted Adults? Secondary Version

The Trusted Adult resources encourages young people to think about the adults in their lives that they would turn to in a time of worry or crisis. The lesson includes a discussion about what trust is and about the qualities that a trustworthy person may have. It uses a video to explain who young people might speak to and includes examples of trusted adults, charities and organisations.

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