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Project Oaks - Mental Health Intervention

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5 Ways to Wellbeing

Project OAKS is a Gloucestershire mental health initiative created by a multi-agency team, working together to improve mental health outcomes for Gloucestershire families. It has been designed on the principle that when children do better, so will parents and when parents do better, so will their children.

The intervention activity is simple to set up in schools with a scripted assembly PowerPoint to explore what we mean by 'family' and to introduce the 'Feel Good Five'. Using the Five Ways to Well-being model, the children and young people take home an activity task sheet to complete over a period of time with their families. The children hand in their task sheet for the teachers to collect, each one has a simply measured survey question providing a baseline and impact data point. When compiled, the data will provide evidence of both mental health work that promotes pupil premium considerations and parental engagement making it a terrific intervention towards your GHLL accreditation or simply as evidence of great practice in your school.

Taking part in the activity will also provide evidence to support the Mental Health Champion Award.




To log in and download the GHLL Project OAKS resource, click here.


Feel free to edit the Word documents to suit your setting but please ensure that you include a means of measuring the impact of the work and remember to record your work on the GHLL planning and reporting tool. If you need any help with this intervention, contact GHLL tel: 01452 427208 email:


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