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Support for Parents

It is highly possible that parents will also be asked to be involved in the Healthy Schools or Healthy FE accreditation process, by means of consultation, or perhaps even practical help in terms of intervention work in which some parents may have particular areas of expertise.

Many of our resources may well be useful for parents to browse through to see what schools may be choosing to use to support their work. Remember though that schools will make their own decisions about which resources they will use. Any resources on this website are simply here because members of the team have found them useful. They are not endorsed in any way by GCC, NHS Gloucestershire or the Gloucestershire Healthy Living and Learning Team.

The "Family Tab" at the top of our Home page has a variety of resources and links which may also be useful.

Some parents may find that they wish to use some of these resources in order to support particular issues in relation to their child's health and wellbeing. For example, if your child is reporting being bullied at school you may wish to look at the Tackling Bullying in Gloucestershire postcard which has been issued to all schools and which gives practical advice for parents.



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