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Support for School Governors

Schools have an important part to play in addressing the health and wellbeing needs of children and young people. Since 2007, schools have had a statutory duty to promote pupils' wellbeing.

Gloucestershire Healthy Living and Learning programme will offer schools an opportunity to re-affirm their commitment to the whole school approach to health and wellbeing and enable them to re-visit many of the standards they had to achieve to call themselves a 'Healthy School' as part of the National Healthy Schools Programme.

You, as a governor, will be a key part of this process by ensuring the involvement of parents and the whole school community. You can also assist by ensuring that the work carried out is planned, monitored and supported in an appropriate way.

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Your role could be to work with the Headteacher and the Healthy Schools/Healthy FE Programme Co-ordinator to ensure that overarching aims are achieved and that the planned outcomes are met. You may be part of a sub-group which reports back to the full governing body, or you may be consulted through an evidence gathering activity. You could have a key role in asking questions to establish what stage your school is at in its involvement with the Gloucestershire Healthy Schools or Healthy FE programme.

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