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CAMHS Practitioner Advice Line
01452 894272
Guidance for professionals in Gloucestershire working with young people with mental health or emotional wellbeing concerns


What is it?

myHappymind is an award winning programme for schools & nurseries, familiesand organisations. It is delivered by class teachers across 5 modules, all designed to develop critical knowledge and habits that support children’smental health. This means that children can develop a toolkit of resources to use when they need to.
All of the concepts taught are grounded in the latest science and research about what it takes to create positive mental wellbeing.
The programme is delivered via an innovative technology platform makinglearning easy, convenient and fun.

myHappymind is a whole school approach for all children not just reserved for those at the point of need. There is a myHappymind curriculum for every year group from Early Years to Year 6 which is tailored to meet the needs of allchildren including neuro-diverse and those with special educational needs.

As pilot funding is limited settings have been identified based on need using data such as the Index of Multiple Deprivation (IMD) and Free School Meals (FSM). Where possible, the offer has been extended to schools with Early Years settings attached to them.
The programme will be available over two academic school years therefore maximising the number of children and young people able to
benefit. The pilot will be formally evaluated to understand and measure impact.
If you have any questions about the programme, please contact the Children & Young People's Mental Health Team at NHS Gloucestershire: