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 What is the Boxall Profile Online?

The Boxall Profile is an online invaluable resource for the assessment of children and young people's social, emotional and behavioural development in all educational settings. You can access the assessment on our new website here. "Understanding the SEMH needs of pupils is absolutely essential in developing a wholeschool approach to improving mental health and behaviour in schools" (from Mental health and behaviour in schools, where Boxall Profile is also cited). Boxall Profile Online provides such an overview as well as suggested strategies, targets and resources for effective support.

The Boxall Profile is a two-part assessment tool designed to track the progress of cognitive development and behavioural traits of children and young people through their education. The two-part checklist, which is completed by staff who know the child and young person best, is quick — and, very importantly, identifies the levels of skills the children and young people possess to access learning. The Boxall Profile Online is, from a practical point of view, very easy to use and accessible. 

Many children in school are insecure about their worth and often may not be able to articulate their feelings. Instead, they show their discomfort through their behaviour, examples of which may include self-withdrawal, achieving much less than they could, not making good relationships. Alternatively, they may engage in behaviour which is considered as 'acting out', disrupting others' learning, uncontrolled outbursts of destructive behaviour, put simply 'seeing red'. Whatever the behaviour, the result is that they do not positively engage in education. Understanding what lies behind their behaviour can help all teachers to be confident in understanding individual pupil's behaviour, and ultimately help them with managing their class dynamic, which is where the Boxall Profile comes in.

 Find the latest version of the Boxall Profile booklet here


Power point of the Boxall Profile launch 



An Introduction to the Boxall Profile Webinar – Frequently Asked Questions

  1. What is the cost for online training for staff groups?

 GHLL team are Boxall Level I trainers so will be able to support schools with undertaking BPO assessments and has planned to be delivering face to face training before Covid19 and lockdown. They will be offering virtual support in the interim.  GHLL will be putting on locality training once we are back 'to normal' Therefore schools will not have to pay for this in the Trail Blazer  programme. Please contact for any advice on training or support in the first instance.

 Nurtureuk offers an online Basic Boxall Profile Online Competencies (Online Course) costs £30 plus VAT (£36) per person. This is an introductory course to Boxall Profile Online (BPO), ideal for beginners or intermediate users needing a refresher. The course will cover the process of assessing a child or young person using BPO as well as other useful functions, giving some practical tips along the way.

 An overview of the course content:

  • Introducing Boxall Profile Online
  • Getting Started
  • Creating a Boxall Profile Assessment
  • Interpreting the Boxall Profile Report
  • Creating the Learning Plan
  • Group overview
  • Additional Resources

This is an online course which can be accessed via our online training platform (link below). Completion takes 2 to 3 hours and access is granted for 15 days. There is the option being developed of Boxall Profile Online webinar training which could be provided for a school or group of schools. A consultancy training day would cost £700. Please note GHLL will be putting on locality training once we are back to ‘normal’. As such schools will not have to pay for this in the Trailblazer Programme.


     2.  My School already has an online subscription, would we be able to claim the funding available for this?

If a school already has a subscription this would continue and then the school would activate their free subscription at the end the existing subscription. If was recent subscription – less than month then maybe considered. 


     3.  How long does it take roughly to do a profile per child?

 The online version is about 15mins to answer both sets of questions – developmental and diagnostic.


     4.  How often do you recommend reassessing?

If assessing mainstream classes, year groups twice a year – by October half term and in the summer term to see progress, report writing, support transition, teacher performance management. Vulnerable and nurture group children/YP termly.


     5.  Would you redo the children each year, or build on the profile from the previous year?

 It generates a new BPO rather than build on from previous but it tracks against the previous to measure progress. The can all be shown or can hide the previous BPOs.  The child/YP has their own unique code and where all the profiles are kept.


      6.    Having used the Boxall profile previously, there is difficulty in interpreting the results of the profile for staff to use more widely. It’s difficult to know what the results mean and what to do for staff to make a difference.

 I agree that if referring to the paper or excel versions that it was harder to interpret the results and to share more effectively with staff and others -even with the Beyond the Boxall publication. The online version provides a two sides A4 description from the completed graph, highlights the priority questions to focus on – need to always work from A to E first, provides targets, resources and evaluations for those requiring 1-1 or interventions. Below is the link to the publication for whole class strategies which is useful for class teachers to have alongside the online resources – it also has useful checklist for a nurturing classroom.


    6.  I wonder if post-Covid government needs to advise schools that EYFS can be extended into Year 1 as even more children will now have gaps due to lockdown – what are your thoughts on this?

 Personally, I think that the Government should be advising this as is a nurturing curriculum with the emphasis on characteristics of learning especially Year 1 children who were emerging in the Prime areas at the end of Reception especially PSD CCL need solid foundations to enable them to be move forward academically. However, I feel that this should be the case at any time and the use of the Boxall Profile data, when I was a head teacher, helped support the continuing of EYFS into Year 1 until the child was solid in A to E and at expected levels.  specialist early years teacher.  We have been expressing this view and trying to influence government and other organisations before Covid19.


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