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How Can We Manage Risk?

A PowerPoint to address the risks and possible impacts of  gambling.

Download it here.





Promoting Resilience

Young people are exposed to gambling in a variety of ways including advertising during sports events, notifications of in-app purchases and trading in online games, the behaviour and habits of reality TV stars, and the placement of high-street betting shops. Gambling is a popular pursuit amongst Britons, with at least two-thirds of the population spending money on a gambling activity in the last year.

Download the Gambling Education teaching resource booklet.



Gambling Addiction Clinic for Young People

The NHS opened gambling clinics for children and young people in 2019. The National Problem Gambling Clinic will aim to offer support to addicts aged 13 to 25.

The Gambling Commission, which regulates the industry, has said it was essential people have easy access to support and treatment. Their website provides further information on how young people can access support for gambling problems. 

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