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Body Image


Key Standards in Teaching About Body Image

Teacher Guidance by the PSHE Association for effective teaching and learning about body image. 




BBC Newsround has made a special programme called Being Me, exploring what children think about their body image.

It's presented by Millie from Millie Inbetween, who asks why our appearance is such a big deal to so many of us.

The programme follows four children as they take part in an exercise to find out how they see themselves and popstar Meghan Trainor explains how she struggled with body image worries.



Dove Self Esteem Project - A campaign to combat self esteem and body image issues among young girls. Click here to see how you can get involved.

Click here to view Dove's Confident Me teacher workshop resources. It is a 45-60 minute session that addresses key topics including media influence, peer pressure and self esteem. Students learn through class discussion, small group activities, videos and activity worksheets.

Key stage 3 outcomes include identifying personal strengths, recognising how personal qualities are evaluated by others, awareness of healthy eating, and media portrayal of body image.

Dove have also produced training videos for teachers to support the delivery of the Confident Me workshop, which include:

  • Introduction to body confidence
  • Workshop lesson plan & material
  • Workshop content overview
  • How to create the right environment
  • When to adapt the lesson plan
  • Tips for challenging questions





Body Image and Advertising

Teaching resources and lesson plans on body image by MediaSmart. The website also provides pages for young people, supporters, parents and careres.

Media Smart Parent Guide

Media Smart Body Image and Advertising - Teachers' Notes

Compilation of TV adverts on MediaSmart UK's YouTube playlist

If you wish to use the case studies, please ensure that your school or educational institution has a valid Educational Recording Agency licence.

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