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In the first instance it is always helpful to explore your own avenues of support such as contacting the Employee Assistance Programme (Health Assured) - Schoolsnet ( or your GP. If you do need a referral to Occupational Health, you and your manager will need to follow the Occupational Health process.

Menopause policy 

This HR policy aims to raise awareness of menopause related issues at work and to assist managers in supporting individuals who are experiencing the menopause and their associated symptoms. 
The policy ensures that managers understand their responsibilities in relation to supporting individuals who are impacted by the menopause, to ensure that it is approached sensitively and meaningfully. Throughout the policy, gender neutral terms are used to describe individuals who may experience the menopause. It is recognised that not everyone experiencing the menopause will identify or express themselves as a woman. People who are non-binary, trans or intersex, and who may not identify as a woman, may also experience menopausal symptoms.

The policy therefore applies to anyone experiencing the menopause, regardless of their gender expression.
It applies to all individuals

This policy will assist Headteachers and line managers to manage situations that arise in line with their obligations under the legislation and the Fairness and Diversity at Work Policy located on Schoolsnet.

Contact: Email:

Telephone: 01452 42 5888

Menopause resources 

We acknowledge that these resources refer to “women” but the application of our guidance is not based upon gender. It is recognised that not everyone experiencing the menopause will identify or express themselves as a woman.

The Menopause (DOCX, 15.5 KB)

Menopause flyer (PDF, 503.8 KB)

Menopause is covered on the EAP  'My Healthy Advantage' App (JPEG, 282.9 KB) - find out more about the EAP app here

EAP contacts poster (PDF, 9.8 MB)

There is also a Menopause webinar available via the EAP 

Further information and useful links

What's needed for staff leaders to support colleagues

There are significant benefits in supporting individuals who are experiencing the menopause and ensuring they feel able to discuss any concerns with their manager. This way we can proactively take any reasonable steps to ensure any individual needs are met. This will enable us to support the health and wellbeing of our teachers and support staff which will in turn help to retain and recruit talented individuals and reduce sickness absence rates.

Taking a proactive stance to supporting individuals through the menopause can ensure that individuals are able to ask for help and adjustments so they can continue to be successful in their roles and reduce absenteeism due to menopausal symptoms. This will also reassure individuals that you are a responsible employer committed to supporting their needs during this transitional stage of their lives. We would expect support to be given as part of the regular supervision and one to one’s provided by Headteachers and/or line managers. These points of contact are fundamental to supporting individual health and wellbeing, spotting early signs of ill health or distress, andinitiating early intervention. The level of trust built with individuals will determine the extent to which colleagues are able to discuss menopausal symptoms and any support or adjustments they need at work.