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Online Pupil Survey 2020 - University of Oxford Lockdown Edition 


The survey is now closed - results will be available to schools end of August 2020

Follow the link for the Webinar

We have been offered an exciting opportunity for  schools and colleges in Gloucestershire to be involved in a survey for children and young people that aims to help schools and colleges understand the impact of COVID-19 on the mental wellbeing of their pupils.

This survey is similar to the Online Pupil Survey that was run biennially from 2006-2018 by Gloucestershire County Council, but tailored by collaborators at the University of Oxford and Foster and Brown Research to meet the current challenges of COVID-19 and social isolation. 

 As well as a range of questions around mental well-being and important life-style factors, this survey includes questions to address how the pandemic has impacted both wellbeing and learning. More about the survey and its goals can be read here and in a recent news item:

 This survey is part of a project that has been approved by the University of Oxford Research Ethics Committee, details of which can be found on the website: . Taking part should be relatively little burden to schools and colleges, as staff will not need to set up computers and enter login details. Many children and young people will take part from home and clear instructions will be provided by the research team to be forwarded to your pupils. 

There are also webinars about running the survey that can be attended online or watched in a recording such as this one:

The most relevant information for schools and colleges is listed below:

  • The survey is live until the end of term July 17th 2020. 
  • All school years from 4-13 are invited to take part, years 5-12 are particularly encouraged
  • There are 3 age-matched versions (Years 4-7, Years 8-11, Years 12-13 incl FE).
  • Parents must be sent the approved parent letter one week in advance, and given the opportunity to opt-out. If the young people are age 16 or over parental permission is not required.
  • Schools will forward instructions to pupils (whose parents have not opted-out), inviting them to login from home or school.
  • Special schools are unfortunately not invited to take part in this specific survey, as our ethical approval requires that children who take part need to be able to fully understand what the survey is about, to decide for themselves whether they wish to take part, and to answer the questions themselves.
  • Schools will be provided with their own results this Summer, as quickly as possible

 We really hope that you will sign up to take part in this survey at  and encourage you to plan a day to invite your children and young people in each relevant year group to participate. 

 You will need to send out the attached information to parents/carers as soon as possible. There is suggested text to accompany the approved information below, provided by the University of Oxford. The sooner we can gather information on pupils' wellbeing, the sooner we can make the data available and put it to good use in supporting children and young people returning to school and college.

 Kind regards,

 Helen Ford

Programme Director, Children’s Mental Health and Maternity, Gloucestershire

NHS Gloucestershire Clinical Commissioning Group


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