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Domestic Abuse

Help spot domestic abusers in Gloucestershire – become a domestic abuse champion today

Have you ever had a colleague or client talk to you about their relationship and it has raised red flags?

Has someone ever come across as controlling, possessive or jealous?

Ever considered it abuse?

Want to help us find domestic abusers in our society so we can challenge and change their behaviours, preventing future victims?

If you work with members of the public you are entitled to free DARE (Domestic Abuse Routine Enquiry) training.

You and your staff are invited to attend free DARE training. DARE consists of training in how to utilise a toolkit to help spot domestic abuse and how to engage with perpetrators. It aims to equip people in many different areas across Gloucestershire with the confidence, tools and knowledge they need to be able to spot domestic abuse.

The free training is being offered out to anyone who works on “the frontline” in Gloucestershire - that means anyone that works with members of the public.

This includes anyone who may encounter or engage with a perpetrator of domestic abuse in their day to day role. They could be a receptionist, social worker, youth worker, builder, engineer - anyone who regularly interacts with the public could help us.

The training consists of three online half-day workshops over a three-week period.

Week one covers - how to identify domestic abuse perpetrators. Week two looks at how to explore risks and the context associated with domestic abuse perpetrators. Finally week three is on how to engage domestic abuse perpetrators and nudge them into specialist services.

You can find out more and book a space on the training here: Domestic Abuse Routine Enquiry (DARE) – Free Training for Gloucestershire Professionals – Hampton Trust