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The Virtual School 

Gloucestershire Virtual School has a responsibility to train and educate key professionals around how to support and enhance the academic progress of children in care:

These professionals include:

  • Schools (including governors)
  • Foster Carers
  • Social Workers

Training will include information about:

  • The Virtual School in general
  • School admission arrangements
  • Special educational needs
  • Understanding attachment and trauma disorder
  • Attendance and exclusions
  • Homework
  • Choosing GCSE options
  • Managing any challenging behaviour in relation to education settings
  • Promoting positive educational and recreational activities
  • Supporting children to be aspirational for their future education
  • Training and employment.

Providing this training will ensure that the Virtual School are playing their part in fully equipping the team around the child with the skills and knowledge they need to carry out their roles and responsibilities effectively.

Click here to see our training plan for 24/25 

To find out more about the Virtual School Training and Development Programme, please contact our training lead Philippa Walker (01452 328362) or Lindsay Evans (07557 214097)




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