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Connect, Be Active, Notice, Learn and Give!

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Here at Gloucestershire Healthy Living and Learning we have teamed up with the brilliant musicians from the music works to produce a fun, creative learning resource to support your work around the five ways to well-being.

We've seen how over the last year music has become all the more important as a means to bring us together even when we're apart

We've also seen how it hasn’t been easy to make music happen in a safe and high-quality way with current restrictions

One thing that really shone is the start idea of mass online collaboration. We've seen the Every Rainbow Drawn song, charity singles and recorded works become beacons of hope at difficult times.

To that end here is your challenge should you wish to accept it!

Use all of the resources on this page to encourage young people either at home or at school to learn sing and record the song then as a school it would be fantastic if you were able to create a video combining all of the performances. 

The Music Works are happy to offer technical support for this, so do contact if you need any support or advice.

Why not use the resources:

  • To start lessons and begin conversations about the five ways

  • To support a live sing along in online assemblies offering the sense of togetherness while lockdown may keep us apart

  • As an inspiration to write your own songs on the same theme

  • Or write your own lyrics to the instrumental. 

  • Or make a fun music video of teachers and students exploring and living the 5 ways!


Resources for the 5 Ways Song

Please ensure an adult is present when children are using YouTube

Lyrics & Chords:Lyrics and Chords