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Have you already introduced the concept through staff training and want to introduce it through your PSHE provision to the pupils?


Here are the resources you are able to access through GHLL to kickstart your practice:


 Launch assembly PowerPoint


Wellbeing data capture tools for pupils and staff

Click below to open up the relevant documents

WE Wellbeing Scale 14pt Staff

7pt Children's Wellbeing Scale

Leuven Scale


Positive playtime

Positive Playtime Practice - Training Manual

Assembly PowerPoint

PPP Training PowerPoint

Appendix 1 - Case Study

Apppendix 2 - 7pt Children's Wellbeing scale

Appendix 3 - De Bono's analysis - Children and Adults Sheet

Appendix 4 - Children's human bar chart

Appendix 5 - Numbers 1234

Appendix 6 - 5 ways to planning tool

Appendix 7 - Data collection 

Appendix 8 - PPP action plan

Appendix 9 - Example target group sheet

Appendix 10 - Story of improvement


In order for you to gain your GHLL award you need to complete the GHLL Review of the health and wellbeing provision, policy and practice in your school and also a minimum of two interventions.

For the Healthy Schools award, at least one intervention must have a mental health focus. For the Mental Health Champions award both (or all if doing more than two) interventions must have a mental health focus.

Click here to view a guide to planning and reporting your interventions.