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Primary Dementia Awareness 


The Intergenerational Project: Primary

The basis of this project at primary level is three lessons, using content based on the three PowerPoints. However, the project can be expanded to include working with local care home residents, involving activities such as arts and crafts, music, etc. The children can also invite the Alzheimer’s Society into school for a session to train them all up to become Dementia Friends and be awarded their forget-me-not badge. The county’s film about dementia, I'm Still Here, can also be used to support the teaching and learning in this project.


Lesson 1: An Introduction to Dementia

Lesson Objective

To begin to understand what dementia is and how people living with dementia might feel 

Learning Outcomes

I know that dementia affects the functions of the brain 

I understand there are different degrees of dementia

I can begin to consider how people living with dementia may feel


Lesson 2: Minimising the Risk, and Delaying the Onset, of Dementia

Lesson Objective

To explore the needs of people living with dementia and think about ways in which they can be helped 

Learning Outcomes

I can talk about what I need to make me feel safe, healthy and happy 

I understand what people with dementia may need, emotionally and physically

I can describe some ways to help people with dementia feel safe and secure


Lesson 3: Minimising the Risk, and Delaying the Onset, of Dementia

Lesson Objective

To explore ways we may be able to minimise the risk, or delay the onset, of dementia

Learning Outcomes

I know that there is no cure for dementia, and it is a progressive syndrome 

I can talk about lifestyle choices that may minimise the risk or delay the onset of dementia and 
I know of ways I can support people in my community who might be living with dementia.


Along with the delivery of the objectives set out above, this project also enables children to learn, and practice,the underlying themes of acceptance, tolerance, empathy, respect and an understanding of diversity.


This project is completely flexible. It can be fully tailored to suit your setting and may be condensed or extended as required. Links might be made with local care homes, and GHLL Lead Teachers can support teachers to link with the Alzheimer's Society, where volunteers are able to run hour long sessions with children in schools to enable to children to become Dementia Friends.

Dementia Awareness Badge

All children who complete the project will be awarded a 'Dementia Awareness' badge, designed by a Year 5 pupil of a Gloucestershire Primary School (please contact for further details)


Gloucestershire Dementia CARE Tool

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Useful Charities, Organisations, and Articles



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