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Resilience - Make Me a Superhero

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The greatest thinkers in the world, especially those from the East, have always known that good health starts from good mental health. We all have mental health just as we all have physical health and the two are inextricably linked. Children and young people growing up in the 21st Century face challenges to good mental health that our parents could never have imagined; pressure to perform in tests and examinations, round-the-clock technology, social media and cyber bullying are exhausting.  Learning to ‘bounce back’ is not necessarily an innate skill; we all need to practice.

‘Make me a Superhero’ provides innovative and exciting ways to enable and encourage children and young people to develop resilience. It helps children to develop their positive inner coach, develop self-confidence and a pride in ‘being me’. The aim is to give children the skills to think before acting in order to create a virtuous circle in life. It is hoped that this will create more confident, resilient children with raised aspirations and sense of self. Remember to measure the impact of your work during ‘Make me a Superhero’, it can form one of the interventions towards your GHLL accreditation. Ideas on how to measure progress in your interventions can be found here.

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