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Keeping Myself Safe/Protective Behaviours


Keeping Myself Safe is based on the Protective Behaviours programme and is a school-based resource designed to teach children:

• That they all have the right to be safe all the time

• How to recognise situations where they do not feel safe

• How to manage unsafe situations

• How to recognise their network of support

The resource can be used alongside other GHLL resources to help schools deliver elements of the PinK Curriculum, and in particular the ‘Developing Risk Management’ theme at both KS1 and KS2.

At a time when many are concerned that children are not as well equipped to deal with risky situations as in previous generations this is a timely resource and one which can make a crucial contribution to pupils’ personal development.


This handbook is designed to support teacher with the delivery of the Keeping Myself Safe unit of work, within a planned programme of work for PSHE. It is highly recommended that a member of staff receives relevant training from the Gloucestershire Health Living and Learning (GHLL) team before delivering this unit in school. This will enable a deeper understanding of the principles underlying the unit of work, which is based on the Protective Behaviours approach to personal safety.

One of the most powerful ways to safeguard a child is to give them the tools and knowledge to understand when something isn’t right and the reassurance that there is someone to help. We have seen how successful this way of working has been from children’s feedback from other GHLL curriculum based learning as well as Chelsea’s Choice and In the Net. The Protective Behaviours resource is an excellent resource for schools to assist children and young people in recognising when they themselves might not be safe. It includes well researched and written activities and tasks to engage children and facilitate discussion within the classroom. It is also invaluable for schools as it can and should form part of the school’s offer of Early Help.

Jane Bee

Safeguarding Children (education) and Senior LADO


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