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Talking to your class about alcohol can be tricky, but it’s essential that young people learn the facts. 
This collection of lesson plans provides engaging activities for 11 to 15 year-olds. The initial unit of work is designed to be delivered across an academic year and consists of 4 lessons, with each focusing on a key topic. The two ‘top up’ lessons should follow a year later to build spirals of learning and embed safer decision making as the children get older. 
Each lesson consists of selected activities, with suggestions for possible variation, depending on the characteristics of the class and time available.
Whether the lessons succeed is largely dependent on the way children exchange their ideas and feelings in groups. The activities involve discussion-based work, group work, true or false ‘myth busters’ and links to the interactive games, quizzes and activities in the Online Learning

The lesson plans include suggested film clips, worksheets and factsheets as well as games and activities and comprehensive but straight forward information - everything you  need for fun and informative lessons

 All resources are downloadable as pdfs from teacher area.

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