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Secondary Physical Health



Alcohol Education Trust

We are delighted to announce that we have launched a set of six comprehensive and ready-to-use lessons with accompanying PowerPoints for KS3. These follow extensive piloting by schools and peer review, are carefully mapped to the new RSHE guidance and we are confident that they will meet all your needs and save you hours of time and planning. They are based on the evaluation of our work by The National Foundation for Education Research (NFER) which you can view here:

The aim of these exciting new resources is to provide teachers delivering alcohol education in KS3 with ready to deliver lessons which will save planning and preparation time but still ensure highly effective and enjoyable lessons are delivered. We hope that this will be especially helpful as you prepare for statutory health education taking effect from September.

Each 50 minute lesson includes a detailed lesson plan, learning objective, intended learning outcome and resources required and covers the following topics:

  • Assessing knowledge: How much do you know about alcohol?
  • Units and guidelines: Responsible drinking
  • Alcohol and its effects - physical and social
  • Alcohol and the law: The consequences
  • The effects of drinking too much
  • Reflect and recap: Making safer choices

The aim is that four lessons will be delivered at age 12-14 (Year 8 or 9 / S1 or S2) with two top up lessons at age 13-15 (Year 9 or 10 /S3 or S4). The initial unit of work of four lessons is designed to be delivered across an academic year and the two top up lessons should follow a year later to build on learning and embed safer decision making as the children get older.

Each lesson consists of selected engaging activities with suggestions for possible variation depending on the individual class and the time available.

The lesson plans and links to the lessons can be downloaded here.


Save the Ball

Dr Vicky Stubbs, in collaboration with consultant James Green and other NHS doctors, have created testicular health lesson resources following the realisation that in many cases, testes are lost due to boys and young men not recognising symptoms and not understanding the need for urgent medical intervention. View the resources.




CoppaFeel: Breast Awareness learning module for educators

CoppaFeel have launched a brand new online learning module for educators specifically designed with learning objectives to ensure you have the correct knowledge to support the delivery of statutory RSHE curriculum and provide you with the right tools to create a safe and supportive environment to do so.

The module takes 20 minutes to complete and covers key principles of breast awareness. By the end of the module we hope that you're able to: 

  • Appreciate why young people need to be taught about breast cancer
  • Apply useful facts and figures to support education about cancer
  • Engage students/learners and the wider community in cancer education
  • Recognise potential barriers for both teaching and learning about breast cancer
  • Signpost to useful resources for educators and students/learners
  • Confidently deliver effective cancer education to young people


Secondary Teaching Training Modules

Basic First Aid  

This training module includes information on basic treatment for common injuries, life-saving skills including CPR and understanding defibrillators.


Drugs, Alcohol and Tobacco

This training module includes information on legal and illegal drugs and their associated risks, and laws relating to these substances.


Health and Prevention

This training module includes information on personal hygiene, dental health, immunisation and vaccination, sleep, self-examination and screening.


Healthy Eating

This training module includes information on understanding our diet, healthy eating choices and poor diet and health risks.


Physical Health and Fitness

This training module includes information on healthy lifestyles, the risks of an inactive lifestyle, the benefits of a healthy lifestyle, mental wellbeing and activity and blood, organ and stem cell donation.


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