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Healthy Eating

In Gloucestershire we believe that it is essential that our children are educated, encouraged and enabled to make healthy choices around food and drink; the food a child eats at school accounts for a third of their nutritional intake in a day, so it is important that what is provided in school or is brought in, is nutritious and balanced. Schools in Gloucestershire support this ethos – most schools in Gloucestershire operate a fruit or vegetable only snacktime policy, with many having a packed lunch policy and nearly all advocating the regular consumption of water throughout the school day.

Schools are supported to do this in a number of ways; through training for staff – ensuring that policy is reflected into practice, the provision of teaching resources and through sessions for children and young people as well as parents.

GHLL have been involved in a number of initiatives around food, including work with the Gloucester Rugby Club on a resource called ‘Jumpstart’ which aims to encourage children to think beyond the ‘5 a day’ message and consider the effect of food on both their bodies and brains. A whole school food overview with progressive key questions for Years 1 to 6, which covers Diet and Health, Food Production, Social and Emotional Aspects of Food, Cookery Skills and Food Safety has been developed.


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Starting the day with a healthy breakfast is important regardless of your age – but for children eating a nutritious meal before school it’s vital. Breakfast Clubs in schools make sure that children who attend them get a healthy breakfast …

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