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Disrespect NoBody

Teaching resources on preventing teenage relationship abuse

The Home Office 'Disrespect' NoBody  PSHE education teaching materials are designed to support the Government’s campaign to help prevent abusive behaviours within young people’s relationships.

These teaching materials can be easily integrated into your PSHE education programme and are designed to help pupils understand and maintain healthy relationships while learning about consent and challenging controlling behaviour, violence and abuse. The resource also focuses on developing key skills and attributes intrinsic to healthy relationships - such as empathy, respect, communication and negotiation.


PSHE Association Chief Executive Jonathan Baggaley:

“We were delighted to work with the Home Office to update their excellent Disrespect NoBody resources. Relationships education is a core strand of PSHE and Disrespect NoBody will support PSHE education teachers to integrate learning about healthy and unhealthy relationships within their planned curriculum.”