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Body Image - Key Stage 5


Resources, guidance and articles

Teacher Guidance - Key standards in teaching about body image. (PSHE Association and Government Equalities Office)

MediaSmart - Body Image and Advertising - Some great teaching resources and lesson plans on body image. Also includes a section for young people and a section for parents.

Media Smart Parent Guide 2015

Media Smart Body Image and Advertising - Teachers Notes

You can also use the TV adverts in Media Smart UK's Youtube playlist.

If you do wish to use the case studies, please ensure that your school or educational institution has a valid Educational Recording Agency licence.

Ditch the Label - 15 Essential Beauty Tips for Teens 15 things that the beauty industry doesn't want you to know

Dove Self-Esteem Project - Campaign to combat self esteem and body image issues among young girls. Click here to see how you can get involved. Or click here to access Five Session Self-Esteem Teaching Resources