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Y6 transition to Y7



Building Children's Confidence to Thrive in Secondary School

There are three stages to help children thrive during transition. But these stages can also be applied to adults as well. We will discuss these three stages and then look at five steps to help get your children ready for Secondary school.


Ideas for schools

The summer term is traditionally the time of year when schools plan a raft of activities and events to support pupils moving from one phase of their education to the next. This year transition will inevitably look different and present a challenge on many levels. 

Pupils will be dealing with significant loss as the rites of passage that are normally associated with this transition have been taken away. Here are some specific ideas and tips to help support pupils in managing this time when the usual transition arrangements will not be in place.


Year 6 transition sessions

Use this transition plan to help build sessions to help guide children through to Y7.

These documents link to the transition plan

Session 1 - Celebrate good times

Session 2 - Character and Qualities

Session 3 - Same change sheet

Session 4 - Independence

Session 6 - Things I have in common

Session 7 - Assertive Communication Task

Session 8 - New school

Session 9 - Who will I know

Session 12 - GOALS

Session 12 - Hashtag Goals


Be awesome, Go Big

Getting ready to go big

Be Awesome Go Big workbook

Session 1 - Being awesome

Session 2 - unlocking your mind









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