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PSHE & SRSERE - Key Stage 5

This page contains links to PSHE, RSE and Healthy Relationships resources.

Your Brain on Porn

Your brain on porn

This site is secular, although everyone's views are welcome. It is primarily science-based, and no one here is trying to ban porn. This is not a commercial site: we accept no ads, and the proceeds from the book go to a UK registered charity that promotes education and research on porn's effects. We created the site because we don’t like people suffering needlessly simply because they lack critical information for improving their circumstances themselves.


In the news 

Pornography ‘desensitising young people’ – BBC News

Want to know why young people are sexting? Try asking them. – Iman Amrani for The Guardian


Useful Websites

Rise Above - A great site for teens packed with games, advice, stories, and videos to prepare them for real life issues such as relationships, exams, body image and more.