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Mental Health - Key Stage 3&4


Guidance, Resources and Articles


Parliament UK

Children and young people’s mental health — The Role of Education: Education and mental health services need to work together to plan the most effective way of improving children and young people's mental health and wellbeing. Click on the link to be taken to Parliament website where guidance is available.



You're never too young to talk mental health - Schools are on the front line when it come's to children's mental health. Join the campaign and access resources relating to:


  • Supporting mental health and wellbeing in schools
  • Expert advice films
  • All our resources will be free to access online through Schools in Mind network.  To join please click here.

Gloucestershire Children and Young People's Service presents a Bereavement Pack which contains factual information, case studies, a book list with suggested reading as well as other avenues for guidance, support and advice. It aims to promote greater understanding of grief, highlight the importance of listening and also some templates for sharing information. Below are two links for charities that provide more information as well as some lesson plans from the Child Bereavement Trust.


Also included in this resource is:

Depression - A Lesson Plan. Mainly discussion based to start to get students to become more aware of depression and to deepen their understanding of it.


Little Red Book - Where to go for help on mental health and emotional wellbeing, or if you need someone to talk to. 

Mental Health PowerPoint for use in secondary schools  

Measuring and monitoring children and young people's mental wellbeing: A toolkit for schools and colleges - Public Health England

Mentality - Feeling Good: Promotion Children's Mental Health

No Harm Done - Self-harm resources for young people


PSHE Association - Mental Health and PSHE Education Briefing 

Public Health England

This is a fantastic resource featuring content co-created with young people. Designed for ages 11-16 and aims to delay and prevent them from engaging in exploratory risky behaviours and promote good mental health. The resources have been accredited by the PSHE Association and the first phase covers:

  1. Smoking
  2. Exam stress
  3. Body Image in a digital world
  4. Online stress
  5. Alcohol
  6. Forming positive relationships
  7. Bullying and cyberbullying


Stroud Local Evaluation of the Gloucestershire Mental Health Services and Schools Link Pilot - Final report to NHS Gloucestershire CCG


The Little Book of Mental Health Life Hacks - How to look after your own mental health. Written by the Somerset Young Mental Health Champions


Time to Change - Small things can make a big difference mental health

Time to Change - #nojudgement 


Unexpected or Traumatic Death of a Pupil or Child Pack for Schools and Early Years Settings

Worlds Mental Health Facts bookmark



Teenage mental health crisis: Rates of depression have soared in the past 25 years  - How has society managed to produce a generation of teenagers in which mental health problems are so prevalent?

Huffington Post - 13 Things The Next Government Needs To Do To Improve Children’s Mental Health

How to explain why you self-harm to people who don't understand - The Mighty

Pooky Knightsmith - Why we need to talk about self-harm. Pooky's opinions. She hopes to sway any reluctant colleagues that we really do need to have these important discussions.

Refinery 29 - How to React when your Friend is Talking about Suicide

The Children's Society - We all need to keep poverty in mind

Instagram 'worst for young mental health' - A UK Snapshot Survey has suggested that Instagram is the worst social media platform, when it comes to its impact on young people's mental health. Mental health charities have urged companies to act on increasing user safety.

My 'Mental Health Manifesto' for Britain's Schoolchildren. An interesting article by the Government's first mental health champion. 

The Guardian - Children need to know stress is normal, not necessarily a mental health problem


Useful Websites

Mind - for better mental health

Royal College of Psychiatrists - Improving the lives of people with mental illness.

MindEd - e-learning to support young healthy minds

Grassroots Suicide Prevention

Mental Health First Aid England - An educational course which teaches people to identify, understand and help a person who may be developing a mental health issue.

Alpha Wellbeing - Provides quality support for mental and emotional wellbeing through training and consultancy

Gloucestershire Self Harm Helpline - provides a safe, supportive, non-judgemental and informative space for people who self harm, their friends, families and carers 

Wintston's Wish - the charity for bereaved children