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Healthy Teeth

KS 1 Power point and Resources lesson plan to encourage good dental hygiene for healthy teeth

KS 2 Power point and Resources lesson plan to encourage good dental hygiene for healthy teeth

(April 20)



Welcome back to those of you who are returning to school this week — make sure you check out our Back to school packs for KS1-5 if you haven’t already, for support on developing a transition strategy for your PSHE education programme. We recognise that many colleagues will be prioritising topics that help students re-adjust to school life, and re-establish healthy and supportive routines, so we’re delighted to launch our full suite of lessons on dental health for members of the Association including PDF lesson plans, interactive PowerPoint lessons plans and accompanying resources. Some of you may have already used our home learning versions of these lessons with pupils during the lockdown period. These new full versions — designed for use in the classroom environment — incorporate a new teacher guidance section with helpful advice on teaching this statutory Health Education topic safely and effectively. We are grateful to Dr. Trishna Patel, Health Education England Leadership Fellow, for her advice and support in producing these lessons. At key stage 1 and 2, pupils learn about:

  • how diet and everyday actions can impact dental health.
  • techniques and top-tips for cleaning teeth effectively.
  • common-risks to dental health and strategies to help them manage these and keep teeth healthy, including information about people who can help them.

At key stage 3, students build on this learning, considering:

  • the impact of good oral hygiene practices and additional factors, including diet and substance use, on dental health.
  • the difference between dentistry for health and cosmetic purposes.
  • access to NHS dental services and the importance of regular check-ups.

Developed with teachers and dental experts, these PowerPoint presentations use a simple science experiment to introduce the idea of how sugary drinks can affect teeth.

Download resources:

KS1 lesson (PPTX, 33.7Mb)

KS2 lesson (PPTX, 38.5Mb)