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Guidance for professionals in Gloucestershire working with young people with mental health or emotional wellbeing concerns

The UK Trauma Council (UKTC) is a new and independent expert body able to speak with authority and experience on the impact of traumatic events on children and how best to help them. The UKTC is hosted and supported by the Anna Freud Centre.

The UKTC brings together 22 leading experts in research, policy and practice from all four nations of the UK, making it a unique multi-disciplinary group which will drive positive change in the care and support provided to children and young people who have been exposed to different forms of traumatic event – including single incidents, as well as abuse and neglect.

By developing accessible and evidence-based resources and guidance, the UKTC will build the capacity of communities to better support children and young people who have experienced trauma.

The UK Trauma Council launches with:

Childhood Trauma and the Brain – an accessible and evidence-based portfolio of resources translating the latest neuroscience research, including an animation and additional resources.

‘Beyond the Pandemic: Strategic priorities for responding to childhood trauma’ – a policy briefing on coronavirus and its implications for children and young people.

Coronavirus resources – including why childhood trauma in the past can influence a child’s response to the pandemic, as well as signs and symptoms of trauma in young people.

Research Practice Focus – a video on why some bereavements are more difficult for children and young people, and what can help.

Visit the UK Trauma Council website,, to view resources and find out more.

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