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Guidance for professionals in Gloucestershire working with young people with mental health or emotional wellbeing concerns

World Mental Health Day 

The Anna Freud National Centre for Children and Families have produced this toolkit which provides a set of resources focusing on inclusivity and celebrating our differences - all with a mental health focus.

The resources provide specialised knowledge and support for diverse groups of children, and celebrate the unique and different qualities each child brings to your school community.

The toolkit is split into two sections:

  • ‘The same but different’ resource set

This offers a set of resources all about celebrating diversity and difference. There’s an assembly plan, tips from teachers, and three lesson plans for different age groups. You can use these resources in the week leading up to World Mental Health Day, to help you create a mentally healthy culture in your school.

  • Further resources to support diverse groups of children

Evidence shows that some groups of children may need more support with their mental health due to their past experiences. We have collected together resources to be delivered to, or inform your work with, groups of children who may need more support.

There are resources included for:

  • Children who identify as LGBTQ+
  • Children from ethnic minority groups
  • Children who are refugees and asylum seekers
  • Children who are looked-after
  • Young carers

You can find lots more information and resources for other groups, and further factors  that can effect children’s mental health, in the risks and protective factors section of Mentally Healthy Schools.

Download World Mental Health Day toolkit

Down load the Primary toolkit

Download the Secondary toolkit 


Anti-bullying toolkit

Our next toolkit will focus on anti-bullying, to support schools during Anti-Bullying Week from Monday 16th - Friday 20th November. We want to make the toolkit as helpful as possible, so we'd love to hear from you.

Which of the following topics would you like to see in the anti-bullying toolkit? (Click on your preferred topic)

1. Advice for parents about bullying
2. Discrimination and bullying
3. A whole-school approach to anti-bullying
4. Supporting victims of bullying
5. Working with children who bully

If you would like to tell us more about what you want to see in our next toolkit, simply reply to this email.


5 Steps to Mental Health and Wellbeing: a framework for schools and colleges



The Anna Freud Centre’s new framework, ‘5 Steps to Mental Health and Wellbeing’, is to help schools and colleges develop a school or college-wide approach to mental health and wellbeing.

Written by teachers and school leaders with guidance from mental health experts, 5 Steps is a simple, free, interactive framework to help schools and colleges create their own approach to mental health and wellbeing – allowing them to work at their own pace and shape it according to their setting and priorities.

The five steps include: Leading change, Working together, Understanding need, Promoting wellbeing, and Supporting staff. Each of the 5 steps includes practical actions that education professionals can take and is supported by evidence based practice, free or low cost resources, and case studies from schools and colleges. Schools and colleges can also create their own bespoke 5 Steps to Mental Health and Wellbeing action planning tool.

For more information and to access the platform visit

Access 5 Steps


Parent Support and TIC+ CHAT

tic+ chat flyer

updated tic flyer

tic+ chat poster

Parent support leaflet 

Parent support poster



The World Health Organisation

The World Health Organisation recognises World Mental Health Day on 10 October every year. This year's theme is 'mental health for all'. Below you will find our popular animations for primary and secondary schools alongside toolkits to support you to deliver a mental health and wellbeing assembly or lesson plan. As World Mental Health Day coincides with Black History Month, our Mentally Healthy Schools team have created a toolkit focusing on inclusivity and celebrating our differences - all with a mental health focus. To help schools and colleges create a whole school approach to mental health, we have also launched our free 5 Steps to Mental Health and Wellbeing framework which includes a range of free resources and case studies to help create a framework tailored to your setting and priorities. You'll also find the latest research on young people's experiences of completing outcome measures in schools, the potential for harm in talking therapy, and outcomes themes following psychotherapy alongside updates from CORC, the Youth Wellbeing Directory, and AFC Crisis Messenger service.


Learn to recognise, prevent and deal with your mental health problems.

Mental health problems often develop during the teenage period. As many as 1 out of 5 teenagers are dealing with these problems. Therefore, it is important that you know how to recognise common mental health problems, know how they arise, what you can do to prevent them and what you should do when you actually suffer from them. This course, designed specifically for young people, will help you find out more.

Free course for children and young people 14 and above

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