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PSHE & RSE- Key Stage 3&4

Resources, Guidance and Articles


October 2016: Sex education in a digital world - Guidance from The Children's Society

Information and advice about; protecting children from online sexualised materials; the need for high quality statutory RSE; sexual harassment in the classroom; and case studies


BBC - Underage Pregnancy teachers' pack


BMJ OpenBMJ Open - What do young people think about their school-based sex and relationships education? A qualitative synthesis of young people's views and experiences.


Durex - Do SRE for schools Free SRE teaching resources with the PSHE Association Quality Mark. Self-reflection exercises, teaching guidance and lesson plans - can help deliver SRE that inspires young people. You can also Discover the Evidence that supports the importance of SRE to young people.

Effective learning methods - Approaches to teaching about sex and relationships within PSHE and Citizenship



"This is a great teaching resource from the BBC. You will find lovely, clear, simple lesson plans with a short video chapter to go with each lesson. It will be a joy in the world of planning lessons. Enjoy using the pack, put your name on it and try as many of the lessons as you can. I know it will work in your classroom." Shelley Pennington-Blair [Head of PSHE Walker Technology College]


New Student Induction - PSHE, Core Theme 2: Relationships (PowerPoint)

Topics Include (click on the link in the heading above):

  1. Getting to know each other
  2. Changing schools
  3. Being a newcomer. What happens if...
  4. This is me
  5. Yourself as others see you
  6. Friendships
  7. Relationships
  8. You and your family



Perhaps the most difficult subject to talk about for parents and teachers. Use these posters and resources to teach your children about this important topic.

'Lets Talk Porn' Tips for Teachers

Love, Sex & Relationships Comic Leaflet

Porn Poster

Sexual Health Poster

Metro - Watching too much porn can leave men unable to get an erection when with real life partners. New research has found that excessive pornography viewing can cause serious psychosexual problems in men – most commonly erectile dysfunction.

BBC News - Pornography 'desensitising young people' - A study has warned that most children are exposed to online pornography by their early teenage years. The Middlesex University study claims 53% of 11-16 year olds have seen explicit material online.

PSHE subject page on the Ofsted Website:

This page has links to some of the organisations in the PSHE Ofstedstrategic Partners Groups but not all and to some other organisations that are not part of the group but are relevant to PSHE issues in schools



There are three elements to relationship and sex education (RSE): the acquisition of information, the development of essential life skills, and the opportunity to explore values and attitudes. This factsheet highlights these methods to ensure effective learning. Click on the heading above to download.


Sex Education Forum - Secondary Resource List: This resource list aims to provide easy reference to a wide range of available resources and teaching materials for relationship and sex education. It is not a comprehensive list but prioritised resources that are up-to-date and available. Listed under 4 categories; primary, secondary, SEN and parents. A suggested age range for each resource is given as a guide.  


Sex Educational Supplement - an e-magazine for teachers and other professionals involved in sex and relationship education. Back issues are available for members to download. Register here


Template letter to parents re the teaching of SRE in schools

The importance of teaching PSHE to young people click here for poster


Public Health England CSE report highlights 'critical role' PSHE can play in prevention

A new report from Public Health England suggests that the existing body of evidence 'repeatedly highlights the critical role of Personal, Social, Health & Economic (PSHE) and Relationship & Sex Education (RSE) in addressing these issues'.

Child sexual exploitation: How public health can support prevention and intervention The vast majority of children in this country have a safe and happy childhood, free from fear. However, for a vulnerable minority, childhood has quite a different meaning. It means being; targeted, groomed and subjected to appalling sexual abuse. Child sexual exploitation affects children and young people from all walks of life, male and female. The impact of abuse can be profound and devastating. 

Local services and teams can take action to increase the ability of children and young people to realise they are being exploited and seek help. They can identify those children at risk and get them to the help they need. Click on the title above to read the government's guidance in more detail.



Trans Youth Sexual Health Booklet

Young trans people aged 16-24 have got together and created this useful resource booklet. You'll find signposts to more information throughout this booklet. Information gathered through Gendered Intelligence, Queer Youth Network and Gay Youth UK to get a better picture of what to include, such as; body positivity, relationships, hormones, sexual functioning, surgery, contraception, pregnancy and most importantly access to services. Click on the heading above to download the resource. We need to understand how young people are engaging with technology if we are to keep them safe from abuse, exploitation and blackmail.


Year 7 PSHE Relationships Booklet - Ormiston Shelfield Community Academy

This PSHE provision for KS 3 & 4 aims to ensure a broad and balanced curriculum can be delivered. Part of a three year PSHE development plan. Materials are designed to introduce concepts and issues in a fast paced, engaging manner. Resources are based on the Easy SRE films: Help I'm Hairy, Notes to Self and Tell Me More. Feel free to adapt and use these resources to fit your needs. Click on the heading above to download.


 Topics include:

  • Alcohol
  • Body image in a digital world
  • Bullying and cyberbullying
  • Exam stress
  • Forming positive relationships
  • Online stress and FOMO
  • Smoking

RSE Resources from the Family Planning Association (FPA)

These resources are available for download but not for print. Many of the resources can be purchased from the FPA online shop. Click on the logo to view.

Controlling Behaviour in Relationships, Guide for parents

One of the hardest things about being a parent is seeing your children feeling hurt in their friendships and relationships. Yet we cannot shield them from every insult and argument; it’s an important part of growing up.

However, it’s vital to be aware of the difference between behaviour that can be thought of as ‘rites of passage’ and behaviour which has more serious implications.

We want young women, men and teenagers to have relationships that are free from abuse. Educating young people and teenagers about domestic abuse is one of the most effective ways of preventing abuse in future relationships.


09.10.17 BBC News - Talking Period Taboos 1000 girls interviewed, almost half were too embarrassed to talk about them. 1 in 7 didn't even know what was happening when they started their period for the first time. "We learned about periods from a book that was being passed around. Girls would ask each other "have you started yet? I wasn't sure what I was supposed to have started, but (to not be left out) I just said yes"

What does your period cost you?

What does your period cost you? from BBC

British women spend £18,000 on their periods over their lifetime, but why is it a subject we still find difficult to talk about?





01/12/16 Guardian News - Want to know why young people are sexting? Try asking them. An article by Iman Amrani highlighting the need for politicians, parents and teachers to understand young people and consent, sexting and pornography. Embarrassed silence followed, when asked if they felt they could talk to teachers or parents about these things! We know young people are going to experiment sexually- and that they will do so via mobile phones shouldn't come as a shock.

24/10/17 The Telegraph - #MeToo: 5 things we can all do now to tackle sexual harassment. As thousands of women around the world shared painful uncomfortable experiences on social media under the hashtag #MeToo, one group, for the most part - stayed quiet: men. Part of the silence came from a fear of being lambasted as a rape apologiser. In some instances, it was a deep-set insecurity about whether they have acted inappropriately in the past, which kept men shtum.

25/06/17 BAFTA - winning platform releases free sex-ed for secondary schools.

A BAFTA-winning education resource platform has released a short comedy film to support sex and relationships education in secondary schools. Screwball! is suitable for years 8 through 11, and follows two 17-year-olds who are preparing to (possibly) have sex for the first time. This free-to-access film explores the sensitive issues that young people face, such as; consent, the influence of pornography, body confidence and the normalisation of sexting.



Introducing DO... A comprehensive & free solution to Secondary school RSE

The programme has been created by the DO... collaboration, a group of leading Relationships and Sex Education (RSE) organisations and experts, including charities such as Brook, National Aids Trust, FPA, BISH, The Mix, and RSE Hub, supported by Durex. Click here to sign up for free .... and bring positive, truly inclusive RSE to your school


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