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The Exchange has developed these lessons with Drug Science to equip teachers to talk about vaping in the classroom. All of these are freely accessible and we encourage teachers to use these to enable a classroom debate on whether the UK government should ban disposable vapes. 

Lesson 1 – The History of Tobacco

This lesson provides the historical context for a meaningful conversation around the harms of smoked tobacco and how to reduce them. It sets vaping in its therapeutic context as a tool to reduce the harms of smoking.

The History of Tobacco - Slides

Information Sheet


Lesson 2 – Nicotine and Vaping

In this lesson, pupils will learn more about vaping, initially as a tool to reduce harm for smokers. The harms of vaping will be assessed by looking at current scientific research and interviews with experts.

Nicotine and Vaping - Slides

Evidence Sheet


Lesson 3 – Debate: Should the government ban the sale of disposable vapes? 

This lesson allows the children to engage with all sorts of perspectives on the issue of disposable vapes by examining both sides of the debate using evidence to support either side. This lesson should end in a debate amongst the students. 

Debate - Slides

Information Sheets

Cards - Against

Cards - For


SmokeFree Gloucestershire - Vaping and e-cigarettes 

Developed by SmokeFree Sheffield in collaboration with Action on Smoking and Health (ASH), GHLL and One Gloucestershire have joined forces to share these useful posters and leaflets with you to help facilitate conversations in class around vaping and e-cigarettes.

Poster: Vaping and e-cigarettes - The facts - poster 1 

Poster: Vaping and e-cigarettes - The facts - poster 2

Leaflet: The facts for parents and carers 

Classroom Presentation 

Teachers Presentation 


Whole School Approach to Reducing Vaping - training delivered by GHLL's Lead Teachers.

GHLL Lead Teachers have hosted a training session centred around reducing vaping. 

Please log in to the review tool to take a look at the slides.


Vaping – KS3 form time activities

In these 3 form time sessions, students learn about social pressures around vaping, its impact, and the effects of nicotine on the adolescent brain:

Vaping: What and why? 
Vaping: The impact 
Vaping: Nicotine
Includes a "Guidance for teaching about vaping" document to support one-to-one conversations with young people.

Download the activities 



Teenage Vaping: What's the harm?

Rachel Burden investigates the youth vaping phenomenon and asks if we should be worried about young people getting addicted.  Watch on BBC One at 20:00 (22:40 in Wales) on Monday 4 September - and afterwards on BBC iPlayer (UK only)

Watch on BBC One at 20:00 (22:40 in Wales) on Monday 4 September - and afterwards on BBC iPlayer (UK only)

Vapes are electronic devices designed to allow people to inhale nicotine in a vapour. Using a vape is known as vaping. Vapes are also available without nicotine.

Also called:

  • e-cigarettes
  • e-cigs
  • e-hookah
  • e-liquids
  • puff bars
  • vape pens
  • vape pods
  • vape sticks