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Change4Life is a public health programme in England which began in January 2009, organised by the Department of Health.

It is the country's first national social marketing campaign to reduce obesity.The campaign aims to encourage people to lead healthier lives, using the slogan "eat well, move more, live longer".

The campaign is backed by major food and beverage companies as well as sports and health groups.

The Change4Life website features numerous resources providing everything you need to support key healthy eating messages to children and their families. All resources can be used on an interactive whiteboard.

Change4Life covers eight areas of behaviour change:

  • Up and About
  • 60 Active Minutes
  • 5 a Day
  • Meal Time
  • Snack Check
  • Me Size Meals
  • Cut Back Fat
  • Sugar Swaps



This section shows examples of healthy breakfasts


Portion Sizes

This section looks at appropriate portion sizes for children


Nutritional Information

This section gives you facts about sugar and where it is hiding, information on how to read food labels and what's high and low sugar -  

Sugar swap facts

Sugar swap questions and answers


5 a day

Here are some ideas for getting your five a day throughout the day


Cutting back on fat

These links tell you about the different types of fats and how you can make swaps, use different cooking methods and read labels to reduce the intake of saturated fat -

Ideas to reduce fat

Facts about fat


Myth Busters

This link dispels the common myths around food and physical activity


Money Saving Tips for Parents

This link give some great advice on saving money but still eating healthily as well as some practical recipes


Powerpoints to support your teaching of the Eatwell Plate

This link gives a number of different resources including physical activity and healthy eating. Scroll down on the link to find powerpoints which are Key Stage related and have useful worksheets and teacher notes

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