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Gay Glos 


Gay Glos provide support services for Gloucestershire's LGBTQ+ community. The charity's four main areas of practice are: 

  • Education - Provides external training in LGBTQ+ issues, around equality and diversity. Delivers sessions in secondary schools across the county; 

  • Strategic engagement - Engages actively in a number of Gloucestershire’s boards, networks and groups which feed into the decision-making processes for delivery of services; 

  • Youth work - Runs a social group for young people aged 14-18 who identify as LGBTQ+, and/or who may be questioning their sexual orientation or gender identity; 

  • Support services - Available for people of any age who have concerns about issues in relation to their sexual orientation or gender identity, their families and friends.



Hate Crime and Incidents


GayGlos has been involved for many years in raising the profile of Hate Incidents and Crimes. The charity played an instrumental role in the development of the County's 5 Year (2016-21) Strategy for responding to the issues. Gay Glos continues to be part of the Strategic Partnership and Steering/Working Group in delivering against the Strategy.

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