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About Us

Midlands Air Ambulance Charity


MAAC is an independent charity and healthcare provider that is registered with the Care Quality Commission (CQC). The aim of the CQC is to ensure patients can expect to receive the essential standards of quality while being treated by the MAAC team in the pre-hospital environment. At present, MAAC is waiting for its first CQC rating, which will be displayed publicly once received.


MAAC are committed to supporting young people’s educational development. Unfortunately a child is airlifted every other day, which is why they want to help youngsters better understand their vital lifesaving service and the importance of staying safe.
School age children are our future paramedics, pilots and fundraisers, and engaging them with this charity helps to safeguard the future of the service. 
Please see below a list of what Midlands Air Ambulance Charity can offer your school:
• We can offer students an assembly with presentation and talk about the charity, which would be suitable for their age group
• A visit to the school with the helipod (a decommissioned helicopter pod that children can sit in and experience) more suitable for younger children up to around 10 years old
• CPR training – we can teach up to 20 children at a time, and each session lasts around 45 mins (years 5/6 onwards)
• Bleed control training – can be done alongside CPR training


To find out more about their education programme, click here. 

To contact the charity directly, click here.