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TrueTube is a multi award-winning website for schools that provides free resources including short films, lesson plans, and assembly scripts for RE, PSHE and Citizenship. Their YouTube channel provides a further compilation of useful videos. 

TrueTube is a great tool for teachers, youth workers, healthcare workers, and parents alike. The website provides a video on how to use TrueTube.



Exemplar Videos 

Racism in the UK 

A video which discusses the existence of racism in the U.K. and demonstrates healthy conversation and good communication skills when discussing challenging topics.



A BAFTA-winning short drama following the journey of a young girl and her family in an unknown land which explores how they came to be there, far away from home.

Teachers' notes and a Refugee Week assembly are also availalble to support the video.  


The Royal British Legion and Black History Month

The Royal British Legion commissioned True Tube to put together a group of young Black and British persons each with different heritage to discuss what it means to be British, and whether Black people and those from the Commonwealth feel included in Remembrance Sunday when we honour the service and sacrifice of persons past and present. 

The Royal British Legion and Black History Month (KS2) - TrueTube

The Royal British Legion and Black History Month (KS3) - TrueTube


Women's History Month

Some of our older content still resonates today, showcasing the movements and individuals that have helped improve women's lives over the last century, such as 90 YEARS OF FEMINISM and THE NEW WAVE OF FEMINISM. THE MAGDALENES and FORCED MARRIAGE are powerful, intense films that reveal misogeny at its worst.



New content is on the way, but THE FIVE PILLARS OF ISLAM and GREAT BRITISH RAMADAN are timeless films that help teach all about the month of fasting and Eid al-Fitr. They feature both personal and global approaches to practising Islam.



Check out these big budget versions of THE LAST SUPPER, THE CRUCIFIXION and THE RESURRECTION, narrated by Richard E.Grant:



The story of ESTHER AND MORDECAI is told every year by the Jewish community at the festival of Purim. It's a time of celebration, and so we decided to emulate the pantomime-esque, warts-and-all-way in which this story is shared by writing it as if it's an episode of a modern-day reality TV show. Purim is next Monday and we think our award-nominated film is a fun and informative way to teach all about it, especially when coupled with BEAUTY VS INTELLIGENCE. Download our assembly plan to help you use both films in the classroom.

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