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About Us

The Ben Kinsella Trust



The Ben Kinsella Trust tackles knife crime through education and campaigning.

We educate young people on the dangers of knife crime and help them to make positive choices to stay safe. Our workshops follow the journey of both the victim and the offender through a series of unique and immersive experiences to show young people how choices and consequences are intrinsically linked.

Preventing knife crime requires collective action. We work with young people, the government and stakeholders because we recognise we cannot do this alone. Our resources for practitioners and parents are designed to empower others to work with young people on a difficult and sensitive topic.

We campaign for action and justice for those affected by knife crime and our campaigns have won numerous awards in recognition of their success. We consistently campaign for change; challenging government, businesses and society to ensure everyone takes responsibility for tackling knife crime.


For young people:

Learning Zone - The Learning Zone is a website where you can learn about knife crime. We have online lessons on topics such as Gangs and Offenders.

You can also watch videos of real people with real life experience of knife crime.

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Knife-Wise App

The knife wise app is an interactive quiz created by The Ben Kinsella Trust to test your understanding of the links between choices and consequences. Download this free app and help us to #StopKnifeCrime.

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For Teachers and Practitioners:

Knife crime lesson plans and resources

Our resources explore the real, lived experience of people affected by knife crime and youth violence

These PSHE lesson plans for schools teaching KS2, KS3 and KS4 are based on video testimony from ex gang members, victims and offenders. The lessons include all the worksheets, activities and film that you need to run a successful lesson.



A guide to knife harm



Our award-winning anti-knife crime workshops educate young people about knife crime and how to make positive choices to stay safe.

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New episode of Knife Crime: Real Stories, Real People Podcast

Join us for our NEW episode of "Knife Crime: Real Stories, Real People"

with Hannah, whose life was irrevocably altered by a horrifying act of workplace violence. Hannah courageously shares the harrowing experience of being stabbed by her boss, recounting the unexpected attack and its profound effects on her life.

This podcast goes beyond storytelling; it strives to prevent future tragedies. By listening, you can learn from those affected and join the effort to create safer communities

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