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GHLL working in partnership with Occupational Health



Gloucestershire County Council’s Occupational Health team is responsible for the health and wellbeing of staff and employees working within school and FE settings.

All our Occupational Health Advisers have specialist nursing qualifications and are able to give advice to staff and head teachers about a range of issues regarding fitness to work. We can give guidance about how a health condition can be accommodated in the workplace and treatment advice. Our work covers return to work planning, pre –employment, health checks, fitness testing for specific roles such as minibus driving and ill –health retirement.

We also have an in-house counselling team who provide support to school staff for issues such as stress, anxiety and depression as well as after a bereavement or traumatic event.

Working with GHLL, the Occupational Health counselling team have developed and delivered a programme of Supervision provision for school staff working with pastoral or safeguarding in schools or FE’s and who feel they need additional support due to the challenging nature of their work. These ‘reflective supervision’ sessions give staff a safe, calm place to offload and maintain their equilibrium.

The Occupational Health team can also provide health and wellbeing or health MOT tests for staff on-site.

Any school or FE seeking more information can contact


Reflective Supervision for Leaders

Reflective Supervision for Teachers and Pastoral Staff

Health Assured Employee Assistance Programme (poster)

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