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About Us

Cheltenham Town Community Trust



The Cheltenham Town Community Trust deliver a range of coaching services and educational programmes across the County of Gloucestershire and the Cotswolds.




  • Remove barriers that prevent individuals and communities accessing activities and opportunities aimed at improving physical and psychological well-being;

  • Use football as the catalyst for regeneration and crime reduction by raising people’s self-esteem and altering life chances through inclusion and participation;

  • Develop an integrated model of community provision that will bring people together from a range of backgrounds to share a common experience;

  • Encourage active and healthy life styles by creating opportunities that will include learning skills, improving health and having fun and enjoyment with others;

  • Generate grass roots investment in people and facilities that reflects the needs of the community;

  • Bring all aspects of the Football club’s community work under one umbrella;

  • Promote and raise the profile of the club’s community work through the Trust.





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