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Charlie Waller


Charlie Waller is one the UK’s most respected mental health charities. It exists to help young people to understand their own mental health, to equip them to support themselves and those around them, and to empower them to talk more openly about the subject. 



Training for Schools

Charlie Waller offers a programme for schools and young people which provides evidence-based presentations and training sessions that motivate, build confidence, inform and offer practical ideas and tools that can easily be put into practice.

Talks and training sessions can be run for small or large groups and can last from 90 minutes to a whole day, depending on your requirements. To ensure the greatest possible impact, the charity likes to deliver multiple sessions in one location (e.g. to staff and parents, or staff and students), to a fairly large audience or to staff from several schools or other youth settings.

Charlie Waller advocates a whole school approach to mental health. Working in a holistic way can create a culture of positive mental health and wellbeing to benefit pupils, staff and the wider school community as well as providing evidence for Ofsted.

The charity's experienced, expert trainers can work with your school to introduce policies and processes to support wellbeing in a holistic way. Mental health training for staff is part of this evidence-based approach.

A designated Charlie Waller trainer with expertise and knowledge in youth mental health will provide consultation, training, and guidance to build on your strengths and help with areas for development. They will advise you on how to measure progress to show the impact of your activities.

The Charlie Waller partnership with schools is practical, supportive, and evidence-based. We will ensure achieving this whole school approach to mental health is manageable for schools and help you to deliver ‘everyday magic’ throughout the school.

We ask schools to invite all members of staff to attend and take part in the mental health training sessions: not only teaching and pastoral staff, but also librarians, cleaners, technicians, facilities and catering staff where possible.

Training is provided for free, but donations are welcome and ecouraged to support the charity's continuing work.  

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Free Guides, Workbooks, and Resources

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