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Future Me Gloucestershire is a youth voice participation platform and is part of Gloucestershire County Council.

Future Me exists to give 13 – 25-year-olds opportunities to share their views and feedback about growing up with special educational needs or disabilities (SEND) in Gloucestershire. What’s going well and what could be better? Which services have been supportive, and where could support be improved, and how? Their voices are important to the Local Area, and we champion their feedback with local leaders.

There are many ways for young people to get involved and have their say. Future Me works with SENDCos and teaching staff to arrange focus groups with cohorts of learners at mainstream and Special Shcools, and at FE colleges. These focus groups can be highly complementary of PHSE topics and of preparation for young people’s Annual Reviews, whether they have an EHCP or a My Plan/My Plan Plus. Sessions can be tailored to suit need and group size. Young people can also send us feedback directly if they wish to.

To get in touch, please email:

Future Me has a home on the Glosfamilies Directory. Driven by our team of Youth Representatives, Future Me are developing the ‘Young People’s Local Offer’, a resource by and for young people about Preparing for Adulthood in Gloucestershire. Information is checked by young people, and covers topics including, My Employment and Training, My Money, My Health and Wellbeing and My Travel and Transport.

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Resource Pack: Education, Employment and Training


This resource pack is all about Education, Employment and Training. Future Me have divided this into nine main sections, under which you can find sub-sections regarding everything you might need to know about Education, Employment and Training. Areas covered include: 

  • In school/college right now

  • What are my options after school? (post-16)

  • What are my options after I finish compulsory education or training? (post-18)

  • Finding and preparing for a job (careers)

  • Training and apprenticeships

  • Higher education (university and alternatives)

  • Not in education or training

  • Careers advice

  • I have an EHCP, what do I need to know?

Download the Education, Employment and Training Resource Pack  


Resource Pack: Mental Health and Wellbeing

This resource pack is all about mental health, wellbeing and your safety and happiness. Future Me have divided this topic into the following main sections: 

  • Keeping safe

  • Relationships

  • My anxiety

  • Keeping well

  • Lifestyle choices

  • Help from professionals

Download the Mental Health and Wellbeing Resource Pack 

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