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Gloucester Rugby Club


The Gloucester Rugby Community Team aim to succeed in making a difference to the lives of many young people, inspiring and motivating them to enjoy a physically active and healthy lifestyle and transforming attitudes to learning through educational initiatives.

Utilising the rugby club, its brand, professional players and the stadium they deliver projects that give all young people involved the opportunity to fulfil their potential and to play a positive and active role in society.

Many of their projects are developed in collaboration with a wide range of public services organisations, health and education providers and local businesses.

One of their projects delves into the importance of Healthy Living. Healthy Living is a combination of many things, including good nutrition, regular exercise and a positive attitude. Taking care of yourself and feeling pride in what you do can improve your quality of life.

Building upon that belief the Gloucester Rugby Community Team is in the process of working in partnership with Gloucestershire’s Healthy Living and Learning team to produce a Healthy Living Programme that introduces some of the basics principles, practices and guidelines of healthy living. The aim of the programme will be to encourage participants to establish a healthy lifestyle by discovering the facts from within a professional sporting environment.

The teaching resources produced will help participants to find out about the importance of exercise - what are the physical and social benefits; why getting fit boosts your health, appearance and mood; how to tailor your diet and make the right food choices.For more information on this project, contact the Gloucester Rugby Community Team on 01452 872286 or email

GHLL hope that by maintaining this partnership with Gloucester Rugby, children and young people may be able to have an increased awareness of the work carried out at Gloucester Rugby Club, a potentially greater involvement in their initiatives through the targeted intervention work for Healthy Schools or Healthy FE accreditation at their settings, and through all of this, an increased variety of accessible ways to improve their physical health and attitudes to exercise.

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