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New Resource May 2024

Lumi Nova lesson – Talking about worries

‘Talking about worries’ is an interactive lesson designed for years 3 - 6.  The session lasts approximately 45 minutes and supports students to:

  • Recognise what worries might feel or look like
  • Suggest some actions that a person might take if they are worried
  • Have an idea about what might work best for you to help you deal with worries
  • Learn about a new, fun, digital game called Lumi Nova that can help you with your worries

To download the Talking about worries lesson, click here (you will need to login with your GHLL Review login details).



Lumi Nova: Tales of Courage is an engaging child-led, parent/guardian supported therapeutic intervention that can be used on most smartphones or tablets.

It facilitates graded exposures (the active ingredient of Cognitive Behavioural Therapy) with psychoeducation to empower 7-12 year olds with mild to moderate needs to learn to self-manage fears, worries and anxiety.

It is practical, age appropriate, non-stigmatising, encourages self management and provides user progress and health outcomes data in real time to authorised professionals.


Self sign up: Families can sign up themselves by visiting where they will find information about the service and the registration form

Information for Professionals: Professional Information: Any professional who may wish to signpost to Lumi Nova can learn more by attending a Gloucestershire Lumi Nova Discovery Session

Information for Parents: Parents wishing to have more information can attend a Parent Lumi Nova Discovery Session


A therapeutic digital intervention (game) for childhood anxiety:

  • For 7-12 year olds (facing difficulties with anxiety)

  • Therapeutic basis: Psychoeducation and Exposure therapy

  • Embedded outcome measures

  • Built in safeguarding & accessibility features

  • Provides data to Authorised Professionals securely through the VitaMind Hub

  • Available on Android and iOS

  • Co-created with young people, guardians, teachers, clinicians, academics, game experts



Points of use:

  • Early support settings

  • Self referrals

  • Point of triaging

  • Waitlist management

  • As adjunct to specialist support

  • To prevent relapse

Lumi Nova does not require constant clinical supervision.

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Case Studies 


Lumi Nova: Resources

Here you’ll find a variety of resources including short video links, posters, flyers and more that you can use to raise awareness about Lumi Nova internally or externally. If you need something that isn’t listed here then please email:




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