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Gloucestershire Young Carers

Young Carers

Established in 1993, the organisation works with young carers to ensure their support needs are identified and that service providers respond appropriately. Over a 1,000 young carers in Gloucestershire, aged between 5 – 24 years (5 – 7 years limited service) are currently supported.

Gloucestershire Young Carers mission is to  ...  “support young carers in reaching their potential, enabling them and their families to access support that minimises the physical and emotional impact of caring and promotes health, well being and resilience.”

 Gloucestershire Young Carers aims to

  • Promote a whole family approach with a wide range of professionals who are working with young carers and their families
  • Raise awareness and develop support services, in partnership with statutory/voluntary agencies
  • Create a network of support across the county

Young Carers

Making a referral to Gloucestershire Young Carers

Gloucestershire Young Carers prefers referrers to telephone and speak to one of their locality young carer workers before filling out the referral form. Please see Eligibility Criteria for Gloucestershire Young Carers here.

Once the form has been completed it needs to be sent hard copy to:
Gloucestershire Young Carers, 7, Twigworth Court Business Centre, Twigworth, Glos, GL2 9PG.

 Tel-: 01452 733060

e- mail-:

Website -

Once the referral has been received the locality young carer worker will contact the family and arrange a home visit. During the visit an assessment of needs will be undertaken and an action plan completed with the family.

Healthy Living and Learning Framework 

Gloucestershire Young Carers working within the GHLL framework has developed its own accreditation scheme for schools and colleges.  As service providers to young carers in our county, good practice evidenced by schools and colleges can become recognised by accreditation through the GHLL framework.  Sharing this good practice with other establishments will improve provision for young carers across the county.

The young carer’s champions and leads in educational settings will be supported to implement policies, procedures and new organisational and curriculum initiatives to ensure young carers enjoy the same life chances as other children in the school community. Accreditation will be a clear demonstration to young carers and their families that they can be assured of appropriate support which will serve to limit the impact and restriction on their lives, that caring responsibilities can bring.

A certificate and plaque will be provided to schools that achieve the Young Carers’ strand of the GHLL Award

How does my school take part in Gloucestershire Young Carer’s Accreditation Scheme?

If you click on this link, you'll be able to download a copy of the standards which need to be met in order to attain the accreditation with Gloucestershire Young Carers. If you are already engaged with GHLL, your Leading Teacher may be able to give you some more information to help you complete the accreditation application, as part of your Healthy Schools or Healthy FE work. Advice and support is also available from Gloucestershire Young Carers, to help you complete your application for accreditation. On completion of the form, this should be submitted to

Download an audit document (click on this link) for assistance with the assessment process of young carer provision in your educational setting.  It will inform the planning process for accreditation. Please contact Gloucestershire Young Carers for more information and support with the accreditation process.



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