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STREET Gloucestershire

 Safe Teenage Relationship Education & Empowerment Team

A county wide service for young people aged 13-19 affected by domestic abuse:

  • Have experienced or are experiencing teenage relationship abuse

  • Are adversely affected by domestic abuse in the home either current or historic.

  • Are displaying harmful behaviour in their relationships

STREET offers 1:1 support and evidence based group programmes CRUSH & The Recovery Toolkit.


Service Details

Areas Served: 

  • All Gloucestershire
  • Cheltenham
  • Cotswold
  • Forest of Dean
  • Gloucester
  • Stroud
  • Tewkesbury


Service focus

age groups-

  • 0 to 17 year
  • 18 to 25 years
  • 18 to 64 years

Support focus-

  • People with relationship/family difficulties
  • People at risk of or currently experiencing domestic abuse



STREET introduces new online referral form

Referrals to the ‘Safe Teen Relationship Education and Empowerment Team’ (STREET) can now be made online.

STREET Gloucestershire, which supports young people aged 13-19 years who have been affected by domestic abuse or teenage relationship abuse, are launching a new online referral form. From today, referrals can be made using an online form on the Gloucestershire Domestic Abuse Support Services (GDASS) website. This replaces the current paper form creating a single service pathway into the service and making it easier and more efficient for those completing it.

You can access the new referral form here.

 Referrers will receive a confirmation email once the referral has received by the service manager. 

 Where a young person, aged 13+ is currently experiencing abuse in their intimate relationship, or where the relationship has ended within the last 3 months, we also encourage a Young Persons Domestic Abuse Stalking & Harassment (DASH) risk assessment to be completed and included as part of the referral. This form measures any risk posed to the young person and will ensure STREET is able to design the most effective package of support for them. Guidance on how to complete a DASH and where to send it are explained on the online referral form.


How do I refer to STREET Gloucestershire?

 Anyone concerned about a young person who has been affected by domestic abuse, or by abuse in a teen relationship, can make a referral by filling in the online form on the GDASS website –

 Anyone referring to the service is asked to make sure that the young person and, if under 16 years old, their parent/guardian has consented to the referral.

 A completed referral, sent via the online form, will guarantee contact with the young person and their family within 10 working days. Referrals via the old referral route will continue to be accepted for the next few months whilst we ensure that all partners are aware of the new system.


Get in touch

 For further information please contact: or call the STREET information line on 01452 726 584.


STREET - Safe Teenage Relationships, Education and Empowerment Team.

Service Type:

Keeping safe and well


Posters and Flyers

16 Days of Action - Teen - How to help a friend

STREET flyer - Professionals

STREET flyer - Young People

STREET poster - Professionals

STREET poster - Young People

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