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Beyond Words


About Books Beyond Words

Books Beyond Words are award-winning wordless picture stories, covering themes such as physical and mental health, life skills, relationships, abuse, trauma, grief and bereavement.
Widely used in community, health and social care contexts for many years, an increasing number of both mainstream and special school settings have more recently adopted our resources and approach to support learners to understand appropriate relationships, to stay safe and healthy and to be more empowered decision makers.
Our FREE resource pack, available to schools and educators, includes a sample of our available titles in electronic format, together with our Foundation eLearning module, which provides an introduction to the visual literacy approach we use with our stories.

To bring our approach to your school or setting, start by signing up for your free eResource pack by visiting our website: 


Open Book webinar series

This carefully curated series of six free webinars covers a range of challenges that schools are currently facing. Each session will be led by one of our expert mentors, all of whom come from teaching backgrounds, and will provide education professionals with opportunities to develop their skills and discover the many ways Books Beyond Words can support pupils across mainstream and SEN settings.

Talking through the Taboo: Sensitive conversations with children and young people
Wednesday 30th June 2021; 3.30pm
With the number of children and young people presenting with mental health difficulties at an all-time high, and support services stretched to capacity, schools are increasingly called upon to bridge the gap. Join us to find out how the Beyond Words approach can assist staff in schools to feel confident to engage in conversations around sensitive issues with pupils, and in doing so, support their SEMH needs.




RSE: Meeting the needs of learners with SEND
Wednesday 22nd September 2021; 3.30pm
High-quality Relationships and Sex Education (RSE) is the right of every child, no matter what their level of need or ability. Furthermore, RSE is as necessary, if not more so, for children with SEN as it is for those without SEN. Join our panel as we consider the actions schools might need to take to make their RSE curriculum accessible to all; and share how the use of Books Beyond Words resources is helping




Healthy Bodies, Healthy Minds: Empowering children and young people to take charge of their health and medical needs
Wednesday 20th October 2021; 3.30pm
Children and young people with health and medical needs face additional barriers at school. As well as educational impacts, many face social and emotional implications associated with their medical condition – such as feeling self-conscious, being bullied or developing stress and anxiety around their condition. Beyond Words has published an extensive range of materials to support professionals to support children and young people to understand their health and medical needs. Join us to find out how schools are using these resources to support pupils’ understanding, acceptance and management of a wide variety of health issues and medical conditions.



Making Sense of Mental Health: Are we getting it right for our learners with SEND?
Wednesday 1st December 2021; 3.30pm
Studies of the effect of the pandemic on children and young people’s mental health show that children with SEND were disproportionately impacted and are taking longer to recover. Yet, we know that symptoms of mental ill-health are often attributed to a child or young person’s primary area of special educational need and therefore remain unaddressed. Join our panel as we explore how the Beyond Words approach is helping school-based professionals, working with children and young people with SEN, to recognise and respond in a timely manner to emerging mental health difficulties.



Developing inclusive pastoral responses to keep children and young people safe from harm
Wednesday 12th January 2022; 3.30pm
It is well-known that the presence of special educational needs and disabilities is a risk factor for abuse and neglect, and to ensure that the welfare of children and young with SEND is safeguarded, additional measures and strategies are often necessary. Join us to discover the wide range of ways mainstream and special schools are using resources from Beyond Words as part of their safeguarding response; including lessons in appropriate touch and exploration of complex and sensitive themes, such as domestic violence and sexual abuse.



Hear my Voice: The views of vulnerable pupils at the centre of the review process
Wednesday 9th February 2022; 3.30pm
The voice of children and young people is a crucial part of any review process, be that an EHCP Annual Review, a LAC review or a Team Around the Family meeting. It is vital that the views and opinions of the child or young person about things that are important to them and impact their lives are fully and accurately captured. The Beyond Words approach and library of resources offer a framework with which a trusted professional can explore pertinent themes in a way that encourages children and young people to speak about their experiences and reveal their thoughts and feelings. Join us to explore how the approach is supporting CYP-centred practice in mainstream and special settings.




Wordless stories can be helpful for people in refugee communities because they are not language-dependant. Many refugees will have no words to describe the trauma they have been through in their own language; let alone in the language of whichever new country they find themselves in.

Being forced to flee your home and leave behind everything you know is terrifying and confusing. For someone with learning or communication difficulties the situation is amplified beyond comprehension. This is a huge challenge for the local organisations working with them, including interpreters, who often have very little experience of working with refugees with disabilities.

This wordless story will help people to tell their own story or understand the stories of the refugees they meet.


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