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E-Bug is an exciting, fun and free microbiology, hygiene and health education resource for children and young people from ages 4 – 18.

e-Bug is operated by Public Health England and provides resources for teachers and community groups including lesson plans and courses, interactive activities, handouts and worksheets. 

Topics include an introduction to microbes, hand hygiene, respiratory hygiene, food hygiene, vaccinations and antibiotics. e-Bug also has an interactive website for students hosting complementary games, interactive quizzes, disease fact sheets and much more. 

All the e-Bug materials are free to download at, and they are available in 23 different languages! 

Please visit the website to learn more about e-Bug, and the projects we are involved with, or contact 

E-bug Online


E-Bug have developed a free face-to-face training workshop, for educators in schools and for community leaders to become “Approved e-Bug Educators”’. The free training aims to give educators and community leaders the skills, knowledge and confidence to teach about important health topics using e-Bug resources. Approved educators will receive a certificate of approval and can have their name appear on our website.


Approved e-Bug Educator training:

 If you are interested in the training please email 

PowerPoint: The best way to prevent spreading germs

The best prevention against the Coronavirus is still washing your hands.  Click on the link to view the proper way to do it.


Two fun videos to teach children how to wash their hands and learn good hygiene

Lesson pack for teaching good hygiene - Click Here


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