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Youth Sport Trust

The Youth Sport Trust (YST) is a children’s charity with the moral purpose of using the power of sport and physical activity to achieve potential by creating happier, healthier young people that are life-ready.

Our new four-year strategy, Believing in Every Child’s Future, is based on an understanding of the challenges facing young people today that is contributing to a significant decline in their physical, social and emotional wellbeing:

  • Our vision is a future where every child enjoys the life-changing benefits that come from play and sport.
  • Our mission is to pioneer new ways of using sport to improve children’s wellbeing and give them a brighter future.

We maximise our impact and reach through partnership working, collaborating across the education, sport and health sectors and working alongside key strategic, corporate and delivery partners. Our objectives for 2018 -22 are:

  • Transform physical education - Transform PE’s place in the curriculum, putting it at the centre of wellbeing and achievement in education
  • Removing barriers to sport - Harness global best practice to ensure youth sport in the UK is inclusive, accessible and fun
  • Unlocking potential - Unlock sport’s potential at every stage of a child’s life, especially where they face inequality or disadvantage
  • Empowering activism - Empower young people through sport to become local activists, tackling the issues of their generation

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YST Membership

We use the vehicle of sport and physical activity to help our members deliver crucial life lessons around healthy living and social development, as well as core values such as tolerance and mutual respect, which are all vital for the creation of well-rounded young people, ready for the challenges of the next stage of their lives.Youth Sport Trust Membership gives you access to a wide range of advice, events and resources, all designed to help you embed wellbeing and personal development strategies in your school.Created on the back of more than 20 years of research and innovation, our products show you how to put crucial life lessons around healthy living and social development, as well as core values such as tolerance and mutual respect, at the heart of your curriculum.By joining the growing YST Membership, you are also supporting the work of a national charity whose mission is to ensure that every child enjoys the life-changing benefits that come from PE,  play and sport.Our membership network is made up of schools, including clusters and groups, as well as Multi-Academy Trusts. It also includes individuals through personal membership For more information please follow this link -

Resources & Learning

YST Resources and Learning is a range of products and services developed to help tackle the complex and demanding challenges across all the whole school.We recognise there are increasing pressures on all areas of the curriculum and schools are facing an extremely challenging landscape with competing priorities and rising pressures. To help support teachers and schools tackle these challenges, we have used our knowledge of policy, expertise in education and passion to drive improvements in health and wellbeing to create a range of professional development, training and resources to help position movement at the heart of achieving whole school outcomes.Effective delivery of PE, physical activity and school sport can be used to achieve the wider school agenda including raised attainment, development of life skills and increased emotional wellbeing of young people. For more information please follow this link -

Our Programmes

We work on a huge range of programmes every year and this work can be divided into three categories of delivery:

  • In partnership- We deliver impactful collaborative programmes which are funded by corporate partners, trusts and foundations, government and other organisations working with us to further our shared goals.
  • On other's behalf - We undertake commissioned projects involving development work, delivery activities and/or research and insight. We do this with partners, businesses, National Governing Bodies (NGBs) and other organisations who target sporting activity at young people and want to maximise and quantify their impact.
  • Independently - We provide innovative products and services including YST Membership for schools, individuals, NGBs and businesses; training courses including e-learning; and innovative equipment.

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Our networks

Our network includes Headteacher Ambassadors, Lead schools, our specialist cutting-edge work with highly skilled PE teaching professionals - PE CatalYSTs, and is underpinned by our Learning Academy For more information please follow this link -